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Amazing health benefits of banana

June 29, 2015

Why are bananas monkeys’ favourite. Just what kinds of nutrients do we have in a banana? We have arranged them for you by their quantities. You may want to compare that to some of the supplements you buy from your pharmacy, so can see how rich nature’s offer is Are you surprised? One ...

Understanding cholesterol for dummies: how to explain it to your granny

June 26, 2015

What is cholesterol?. Cholesterol is naturally found in all cells of the body. It is a type of fat that circulates in the blood. We get Cholesterol in two forms. According to the American Heart Association, about 75 percent of the cholesterol in the blood is produced by the liver and other body ...

Your easy guide to managing type 2 diabetes

June 15, 2015

What should I eat or not eat? What symptoms should I watch out for to know that my glucose level is low? How often should I check my blood glucose? Many questions bother the mind of patients who are living with diabetes. Even their carers or relatives have questions which they like to have answer ...