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5 winning criteria for master’s scholarship in public health

September 21, 2015

If you’re applying for a postgraduate scholarship in public health, you must be pondering the question: What is that single most important criterion that can put you ahead of hundreds and thousands of other applicants? This same question was also on my mind while applying for ...

Buhari: Tackling healthcare corruption in Nigeria

September 14, 2015

Unfortunately, the health sector is among the least scrutinised for financial mismanagement in Nigeria. Maureen Lewis, a non-resident fellow at the Centre for Global Development, wrote a comprehensive brief on healthcare corruption and governance woes in developing countries. While his paper ...

Community where nine out of every 10 villagers have appendicitis

August 8, 2015

“I was operated upon twice; I had to travel to Anambra State to do the surgery. I was told that my problem was due to hard work. We do a lot of hard work in Agu-Amede,” he said. For Chiagozie Maduabuchi, a youth who said he is yet to experience appendicitis, the unusual rate of the ailment in ...
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